Contracts Made Easy in Microsoft Word

December 12, 2016 —

Contracts are complicated, working with them is time-consuming, and it’s essential to make sure that everything in them is right. Contract Tools is a Microsoft Word add-in that makes creating and analyzing contracts simple. It’s easy to install, doesn’t require sharing documents over the internet, and fits seamlessly with attorneys’ working styles.

When you open a document in Word, Contract Tools analyzes it for things that often appear in contracts – provisions, defined terms, cross-references, and more – in almost no time at all: about a second for a 50-page document, two seconds for a 100-page document, and five seconds for a 200-page document. Contract Tools can analyze just about any kind of contract: short nondisclosure agreements, massive bond indentures, US contracts, UK contracts, Canadian contracts, and much more.

Once the analysis is finished, Contract Tools provides a variety of powerful features for working with contracts, including:

Proofreading: Contract Tools checks your document for common contract drafting problems: words and phrases that look like defined terms but aren’t, defined terms that are defined more than once, and more. Underlining makes drafting errors easy to see in context. You can easily ignore drafting errors that don’t bother you and restore ignored drafting errors if you change your mind.

To-Dos: The To-Dos view shows placeholders, bracketed text, highlighted text, comments, and similar items in an organized list. You can copy the contents of the To-Dos view to the clipboard with one click, so it’s easy to share a to-do list.

Defined Term Autocompletion: Most contracts have a few hundred defined terms, each used hundreds of times. With Contracts Tools, you can start typing a defined term to see a list of suggestions, and then choose the defined term you want to use.

Search: With search tokens, Contract Tools makes it easy to find numbers, amounts of money, dates, and other important information. You can mix tokens and text to form custom searches.

Contract Tools is the companion to Turner, a contract drafting application for Mac released in September 2015.

To find out more about Contract Tools, check out TechnoLawyer’s review of Contract Tools or get a free trial.